The New Zealand Asia Pacific Trust was formed in 2002 by a group of three ethnic community leaders, with the prime objective of bringing greater understanding through cultural interchange.

The Trust is approved by the Inland Revenue Department as a recognized Charitable Trust.

Today, the Trust is managed by four unpaid New Zealand Trustees of Tongan, English, Maori and Filipino ethnicity, all of whom are active in their various communities as well as the affairs of the Trust.

It has a duly constituted Management Committee who plan, administer and organize the affairs and activities of the Trust.

The Team is as Follows:

(1) Chairman & Founding Trustee;

Kalafi Moala: Tongan Ethnicity. Overall Management and Co-ordination of the Trust.

(2) Secretary and Founding Trustee;

Desmond Foulger: English Ethnicity. Communications Co-coordinator. IT Specialist

(3) Deputy Chairman & Trustee;

Prince Manuel: Maori Etnicità. Deputy Chairman & Co-ordination Support.

(4) Pageant Co-Ordinator & Planner;

Rosalina Foulger: Philippine Ethnicity. Management Committee Leader. Special Responsibility for Event Management & Planning.
To achieve its prime objective, the Trust concentrates its energies by addressing the New Zealand Asian Maori and Pacific Island communities, which together comprise 20 percent or more of the total population of our country.

In the Trust’s various dealings with those communities, its Trustees and Officers promote the ideal that rather than hailing from a particular country and living in New Zealand we are all New Zealanders of a particular ethnic origin.

This idea has been accepted enthusiastically by all of the communities the Trust has made contact with and although the concept is self-evident, once promoted, Community Groups can be seen to have an almost instantaneous change of mind set upon hearing it voiced.

The Trust has no permanent source of income and relies on its own fundraising efforts, together with the generosity of Businesses, Trusts and individuals to raise the finance necessary for its day to day running.

Since its inception, the Trustees, drawing on their experience gained in their own various ethnic communities, realized that to promote a concept, it is necessary to package it in an acceptable way that the public at large can relate to.

By and large, it is difficult to raise large audiences to attend a cultural event per se, so it was decided at the outset that the cultural interchange aspect should be wrapped in a package that would draw large audiences whilst at the same time introducing cultural performances as part of the event, thereby promoting our ideals in a more subtle way.

Having had success in their own communities for many years prior to the formation of the Trust, it was decided by the Trustees that a beauty pageant should be the form that this cultural event would take and that it should be held on at least an annual basis. In this way, various cultural displays would be able to be introduced during the course of each pageant, thereby exposing the cultures of our participating ethnic communities, to the public at large.

In these days, it is recognized that beauty pageants do not only concentrate on the physical attributes of its contestants but that personality and intelligence comprise a large part of a contestant’s ability to perform and win a title. So, it should be expressed at this point that the Trust, in its pageants, promotes its contestants in a way that maximizes their total personality, rather than just their beauty.

The Trusts main area of fundraising is through revenues gained by holding an Annual Miss World New Zealand Beauty Pageant. NZAPT is the licensed Franchise holder for New Zealand

This is expressed by encompassing the Miss World Organisations “Beauty with a Purpose”, the description of which can be found elsewhere on this web site.