Whilst  the overt aim of Miss World is to provide a winner to represent each country throughout the world, the hidden but main aim is through the Charitable Foundation called “Beauty With a Purpose”.

Beauty with a Purpose was created by Julia Morley in 1972. It is the heart and soul of Miss World.

Hundreds of millions of pounds have been raised and donated to local and international organisations in aid of disadvantaged children the world over.

Variety, The Children’s Charity, for example, has been closely associated with Beauty with a Purpose for many years.

When Simon Cowell was honoured with the 2010 Humanitarian Award at the Variety World Conference in Hollywood, he kindly remarked that it was Julia Morley who should be collecting the award in his place, for her outstanding work as a humanitarian through Beauty with a Purpose.

So it is with this in mind that the team of Miss World NZ aim to change our contestants lives by instilling in them the lifelong challenge of using their physical and mental attributes to help those less fortunate then themselves both physically and financially.

The Management of The New Zealand Asia Pacific Trust have decided, this year, 2017 to concentrate on promoting the BWAP project of Miss World NZ 2017, in that funds will be raised to offer scholarships, apprentices, grants and the like to help Teen Suicide Survivors.

This phenomenon is so prevalent in New Zealand and is so poorly funded, that we decided that this would be our BWAP into the future.

Those readers who may feel moved to financially support this ideal may donate, through the NZAPT by using the contact section of this site.

Any contribution, either large or small would be gratefully accepted NZAPT is a registered charity in New Zealand and any charitable donations are tax deductible.