Tess Austin

Age: 18

Height: 175cm

Occupation: Office Administrator, Ice-cream Maker & Model

Tess was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. At a young age, Tess was very shy but as she grew older, she started to become a confident and sociable person, it is this love for her learned confidence which inspired Tess to join start her journey in pageantry. Tess has always loved helping others and supporting charitable causes, she hopes to one day start a Chronic Pain Foundation in New Zealand to help people who struggle with chronic pain syndromes by providing support and raising funds for medical procedures and advancement. Although Tess loves all the challenges and experiences that come with pageantry, her favourite part has been supporting and raising money for Brave (the community organization this years contestants have been raising money for).

Tess believes she would be a good representative of New Zealand because she is determined, passionate and truly loves our beautiful country. Tess knows that she can represent NZ because of her passion for our unique culture and diversity. Tess believe that she can fully represent our beauty on an international stage.

Tess’s favourite thing about NZ is our unique and diverse culture. She believes that although we are a small country, we have a passion to change the world and to have a say in justice. Although we are strong, we are mighty and that is something which makes her truly proud of our beautiful land.