Age: 18

Height: 178cm

Occupation: Hip Hop Dance Teacher at Zion Studios

Natalya is 18 years old and works as a Hip Hop Dance Teacher. Her favourite things hobbies are Dance, Music and Kapa Haka. Natalya loves her family and friends and wants to bring joy in the world wherever she goes. She loves helping other people ‘to inspire them and be the best they can be.’ Natalya is very passionate about her background and is a proud New Zealander and a proud Māori who loves her culture and te reo Māori. Modelling is something that she has only just been introduced to so she is proud to represent her region as Miss Canterbury. Natalya is loving every step of this journey and she is honoured to get herself out there and inspire others to give every opportunity in life a go.

Natalya believes she would be a good representative of New Zealand because she is heavily engaged and passionate about our country & culture. With her kiwi & Māori heritage, she loves embracing the two together to be a proud New Zealander.

Natalya loves the culture, language and scenery in New Zealand. It is such a beautiful country and we are so lucky to have the best of both worlds experiencing summer with beautiful beaches and lakes and in winter our amazing scenery of the snow on our mountains and ski fields. We are privileged to have our nature and indigenous wildlife.