Jessie Ahearn

Age: 25

Height: 165cm

Occupation: Primary School Teacher at St Mary’s Catholic School

Jessie moved from Christchurch to Auckland in 2013 and loves all it has to offer. Jessie graduated with a double major in Employment Relations and Organisation Studies, as well as Film, Television and Media Studies. She has worked on Auckland Transports CRL project, as the construction teams administrator. Jessie has also participated in various community projects, and volunteering in her community. She has enjoyed traveling and spent five months in Europe before completing her Post Graduate Diploma in Primary School Teaching in 2018. During her spare time, you will find her with family, and friends. Jessie loves the outdoors, the arts, cuisine, reading, animals, and volunteering – which is why she competed in her first pageant, Miss Auckland in 2017, raising money for Ronald McDonald House, a really worthwhile cause.

Jessie believes she would be a good representative of New Zealand as she sees the beauty, and potential in every human being and with her natural empathy, she hopes to benefit and build up her fellow New Zealanders so we can all reach our potentials. Jessie is a very dedicated, honest, and thoughtful person who wishes to leave behind a legacy of “treating others as you would like to be treated”, and only ever building others up.

Jessie loves New Zealand because it is a small, tolerant inclusive society that is technologically progressive, throws its weight around on the world stage through its amazingly intelligent scientists, authors, artists (and more) who make a huge contribution in proportion to its size. We have the world on two islands with incredibly and varied scenery and a fantastic array of wildlife (marine, insect, vegetation, birds etc). We have a can do attitude, everybody has time for each other (one of the friendliest countries in the world), progressive liberal attitudes, a country in touch with its whole population.