Emma Gribble

Age: 22

Height: 179cm

Occupation: Radio Brand Ambassador at NZME

Emma entered her first pageant, Miss Auckland, last year and was honoured to be crowned the winner. She entered because she wanted to learn and better herself as a young leader and was interested in the community involvement and all of the good that comes out of the contestant’s journey and competition. Emma admires how Miss World New Zealand and Miss Auckland both focus heavily on Beauty With A Purpose. A huge passion for Emma is racing and this gives her the biggest buzz, on par with her passion for fundraising and volunteering. From a young age, she always wanted to be a presenter on either television or radio. Emma would love to be a presenter on a music channel, or a sports presenter in the motorsport industry. This role gives you a platform to make a change and influence audiences on issues around the world, which they can help change too.

Emma believes she would be a good representative of New Zealand because she is compassionate, understanding, and willing to learn and better myself. These are three key points to a successful representative or leader! Emma wants to influence the rest of the world and show them the beauty of our land and our people, but she also wants to remind New Zealanders of the amazing home we have.

Emma loves that New Zealand is a multicultural country that is full of the brightest creatives and hardest workers. Amongst all the success, she loves how we are still so chill and laid back all the time. Emma admires the beautiful scenery in every city – from the deep royal blue waters to the lime green grass in summer, and the snow covered mountains at Ruapehu in winter.