Daniella Fernandez

Age: 19

Height: 156cm

Occupation: Director of her own swimwear line (Lula Swim), Retail at Decjuba & Student

Daniella is at AUT studying Communications and hopes to one day work in the Media industry and be a young entrepreneur. In early January she launched her own e-commerce swimwear and her goal is to empower and give confidence to women of all shapes, sizes and colours in swimwear. Juggling her swimwear brand, university degree, part time work and Miss World NZ has been a challenge but Daniella strongly stands by the fact that hard works grants great rewards and to be able to help others and make a larger impact is so fulfilling. Her strong work ethic, ability to persevere, push the boundaries and get out of my comfort zone has given her strength to compete in Miss World NZ. Throughout her life, Daniella has always aimed to be able to be the small part of happiness, fun, a smile or laugh in someone’s day.

Daniella believes she will be a good representative of New Zealand because she has a bold personality, being both outgoing and confident. She loves making friends and is very personable. Being an only child for a long time, she learnt maturity, class and grace and can hold herself confidently and calmly in front of a crowd. She possesses the classic kiwi hospitality, kindness and humility we are well known for.

Daniella loves love NZ’s forward, modern progression as a country. She admires that NZ was the first country to allow women to vote, had the first female mayor, the first country in Oceania (and thirteenth overall) to legalize same-sex marriage and after the horrific Christchurch attacks, all military style semi-automatics and assault rifles would be banned. Being a woman in such a progressive country is something Daniella is very proud of.