Height: 174cm

Hometown: Auckland

Drawing, trekking, camping, piano, film making

I am a 21 year old architecture student who has spent the past 3 years studying in Sydney and am now back in Auckland to finish my masters. I have been all over the world but have not found a single place that resonates with my heart more than New Zealand.

My favourite thing to do is draw, I have wanted to be an architect since I was 13. I also love the outdoors and spend my spare time trekking and camping with friends and family.

I think that being a role model and leader is not only about finding a voice, but its also about listening and responding to others. I have had a lot of experiences in this field as I was nominated to go to the National Student Leadership Conference at the University of California – Berkeley. On top of this I was also the vice president of my college in Sydney.

I would like to use the Miss World platform to advocate for two things: the first is that I would like to advocate for green and efficient architecture which addresses issues regarding housing shortages. At the moment, a colleague of mine and I are aspired to begin a project regarding turning secondhand vans into efficient motor-vehicle housing for the homeless.

Secondly, I would like to inspire more understanding and acceptance of different cultures in New Zealand. Every single person here was once from a different place, whether you are Maori or European or any other ethnicity, at one point in time not long ago you or your ancestors came to this land from somewhere else. And I think that is what New Zealand represents, that we are a unity of multi-cultural people all choosing to love this land together.