Height: 167cm

Hometown: Auckland


I am a twenty-year-old Commercial Law student at New Zealand’s very best – the University of Auckland. One day, I hope my studies will introduce me to a role where I analyse policies in the New Zealand commercial legal system, a sector of this nation’s body of law that I feel very passionate about. As a twin-daughter of a single-mother, I have learnt first hand how greatly New Zealand’s government can diminish a hard-working woman’s hardships. When my sister and I were in intermediate school, our mother was studying for her Bachelor of Mental Health and Psychology degree. Reading her notes and visiting some of her lectures as a curious child, enlightened me about New Zealand’s approach and attitudes towards mental health. Even at a young age, I knew that a serious change needed to take place – if we as a national community
wanted to see a shift in those matters that dampens the reputation of New Zealand’s idyllic society.

As a contestant in Miss World New Zealand, I aim to correlate my interest in the legal system and my commitment to improving the current conditions of care for mental health sufferers. Through my pageant platform, I aspire to firstly, bring forth more attention towards New Zealand’s devastating and internationally-leading youth suicide rate; and secondly (as I have found great joy and accomplishments throughout my university career) motivate those who are struggling through alleviating the costs of study, for them to also stimulate a sense of joy and accomplishment through education. This is why I feel such a strong connection with Miss World New Zealand’s nominated charity, ‘Annie’s Lifeline’. I am so proud of my fellow contestants for supporting this wonderful cause, and am excited to see how this leads New Zealand into making that shift.