Age: 23

Height: 174cm

Hometown: Qingdao

– Reading
– Cooking
– Drawing
– Dancing

Official sponsors: Topcare Early Childhood Learning Centre

I am Chi-wi (a Chinese kiwi) and I was born in North China. New Zealand has been my lovely home from the age of 18. I completed BS in Marketing major in Business Degree two years ago. I adore the freedom, the beautiful nature, the kind people, and great opportunities that are given in the multi-cultural country New Zealand.

Participating in Miss World New Zealand 2017, has been my goal since 2015. The program ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ is the reason that attract me to attend. It offered me the opportunity to contribute for giving back to the society by helping different charities /organizations each year, and it’s a great platform for raising awareness, and make the competition not only beautiful but meaningful.

My goal is to become a connecting bridge between communities and countries in helping enterprises, education, arts, and charity groups to reach more opportunities for better development.

I really want to be the representative to help New Zealand to reach more connection between PRC and the rest of the world.

I aspire to be a positive icon to help young generations to embrace themselves and dare to pursue the dream.