Age: 22

Height: 168cm

Hometown: Auckland

– Dancing
– Reading
– Writing
– Gaming

Official sponsors: Topcare Early Childhood Learning Centre

I’ve always had an open mind and a big heart and one of my greatest joys in life is being able to help other people. I’ve been involved in volunteer and charity work since starting Duke of Edinburgh at age 15 and propelled forward from there, starting up new groups at high school while juggling my 6 scholarship subjects. I feel completely in my element with this pageant as I get to utilize my constant high energy and strong determination to achieve every goal that is put before us. I really enjoy having a platform where I know get to help mentor the new Miss Auckland girls and also assist in the running of the final night. I have the passion necessary to really make a difference in the world with the intelligence and strategic mindset to actually pull it off. When I’m not preparing for Miss New Zealand or at work, I spend a lot of my time either out exploring the beautiful world we live in (my favourite hikes are out west) or cuddled up with my kitties reading, writing or playing on my ps4 (although I’m mostly just working on my website I’ve just started up). I’ve always had what my friends would describe as a magical outlook on life and my ability to be so resilient and strong and still give the aura of being a real life Disney Princess has been something many have been in awe of.