Age: 20

Height: 171cm

Hometown: Hamilton

– Dancing
– Cheerleading
– Cooking
– Writing

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My name is Katie Christine Atkinson and I was born on March 4th 1997 in Hamilton, New Zealand. I was brought up in a typical kiwi family style by my parents, Heather and Rodney alongside my younger sister Chelsea. Although I spent most of my childhood living in Hamilton, in 2006, My mum remarried my step dad Darren and my sister and I travelled with her to our new house together as a new family in Cambridge. Education as well as my family were my most important values in life and after graduating Cambridge High School with high endorsements, I was very excited to be the first in my Family to attend University studying extramurally towards a degree in business and law. A long term goal for me would be to own my own business where I could combine my hobbies of business and makeup together. After meeting my current partner of three years who was my childhood friend, I eventually moved back to Hamilton where we are now living together and are both working towards our goal of owning our first home together as well as finishing our degrees. I am extremely lucky to be working with an amazing company as a customer services representative at APL (Architectural Profiles Ltd) where my university knowledge is put to the test everyday. Moving out of home and moving in with my partner and gaining that independence has been one of the most exciting highlights of my life so far and I am really excited to grow into my own person and experience everything the world has to offer. During my pre teen years, I was a very shy quiet person and I feel in the last couple of years I have become more comfortable in my own skin and I love meeting new people, and doing things that are out of my comfort zone. I recently have found some new hobbies to fill in my time which include cooking and dancing. (Sometimes at the same time!) I have an amazing group of friends that are constantly motivating me to do my best and make me feel very blessed. I cannot wait to see what the future brings for my personal life and also for my career.