Age: 24

Height: 170cm

Hometown: Auckland

– Writing
– Yoga
– Chess

Official sponsors: Bridal and ball & Styled by Ella Pixie and Jeff Huang at Color Code Studios.

I’m currently in my final year of a Bachelor of Health Science in Nursing at Auckland University of Technology, I’m looking forward to becoming a Registered Nurse, by the end of the year. I’m passionate about Neurology and Psychiatry and hope to further my education in relation to these specialties in the future.

I was born in Kaitaia, New-Zealand and I am part Maori, from my mothers side, my Iwi is Ngāi Tahu.

I currently work part time as an Office Administrator, I began this job as I had an interested in business, so I completed a Certificate in Business Management during my final year of High School. I also work casually as a tutor for NCEA, I love teaching and enjoy seeing students reach their potential.

From age 13-19 I was a competitive Gymnast and Cheerleader. Our team won the National Championships, in the all female level 5 division. I have travelled to America twice to compete in both the Cheerleading Worlds and NCA, which is the largest competition in the world, our team Total Cheerleading, placed 3rd, against the American teams internationally.

I enjoy traveling and have travelled to over 16 countries including Antarctica, which was one of the most, incredible experiences of my life. My hobbies include Writing and Yoga. I enjoy blogging and currently have a Sociopolitical blog with a focus on Healthcare.

My dream is to pursue a career in Neurology or Psychiatry and reduce the stigma surrounding the mentally ill. I have been lucky enough, to have the opportunity to spend many hours of my clinical placements, at a Mental Health unit. I recognised that society often stigmatises and creates an “us and them” approach, which isn’t an appropriate method to solve healthcare issues.

I’m passionate about helping our charity, Project Hope in the future as I believe it is a worthwhile and extremely effective refuge, that improves the lifes of many people, who have been through hardship.