Age: 18

Height: 176cm

Hometown: Auckland

– Dancing
– Singing
– Make up
– Hiking
– Painting

Official sponsors: HANSAN Vietnamese Restaurant

I am very unique and one-of-a-kind! My friends mostly describe me as an energetic, bubbly, pure soul! I am very confident and personable, I also have an extremely good sense of humour to the extent my friends tell me to be a stand up comedian! I have an extremely kind heart which is sometimes a weakness of mine as I don’t tend to be selfish and always put others before me. I am very open minded and non judgmental which is definitely one of my stronger traits as my friends always talk to me about anything and anything as they know I am not there to judge purely to listen and help when applicable.

My pageant platform would be used 110% to improve the community and wider range of individuals as much as I possibly can. I have an extremely large but achievable vision to help and support teenagers in between the ages of 13-18 who suffer from mental illness’ such as depression, anxiety and eating disorders. There is an extremely large gap in the mental health support system for individuals who are depressed or suffer from anxiety/eating disorders. I would use my pageant platform to help gain more of a voice and be able to provide a safe haven for the stated audience as I feel it would make a ridiculously amazing change in New Zealand and hopefully beyond. I would use my pageant platform to not only make huge changes but to also help out in the smaller community of Auckland by supporting numerous local charities and events whenever it is applicable to both parties. I am a big believer of “you get what you give” and I will definitely give my absolute all to everyone I possibly can as doing good makes me feel good.